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Guitar Lessons

Duane Allen has been teaching music since graduating high school in 1990.  Throughout all of these years, he has been able to work with every kind of student, in every kind of teaching environment possible.  He is comfortable teaching all ages and levels, as well as most styles of music.  The focus of his teaching style is to provide the student with a strong foundation in music fundamentals, such as: technique, reading, theory, ear training, repertoire, etc.  Each student will also get to choose the style of music that he or she would like to learn, such as: rock, pop, jazz, blues, folk, fingerstyle, metal, etc.  The student will learn the music that they choose by directly learning from the actual recordings of the artists that they admire.  This makes the learning experience fun, as well as giving the student an authentic feel for the style that they choose.  If you would like to study guitar or music theory with Duane, please contact him using the email below to discuss your musical goals.
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